KHD1304 Engraved Khadaawan with Inlay Work

DN. 18

Considered to be the slipper of Lord Ram, known as "Charan Paduka", Khadaawan is a kind of wooden slipper within the form of a flat wooden base with a toe hold sticking out. In ancient times Khadaawan - the Wooden Slippers were used by rishi munis and students of the gurukul. Khadaawan was and still today is used while performing pooja and other religious and auspicious ceremonies. Khadaawan as "Charan Paduka" may also be stored in Pooja room as a symbol of god's feet.


  • Size: 10 Inch
  • Made of: Talli Wood
  • Features:
    • handcrafted Design with a nail like thumb holder

Category: khadaawan, khadawan, Wearables

Type: khdaawan

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