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P-KARI1307 Phulkari

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Phulkari is a handmade embroidery design art associated with Punjab. It involves making flower designs on a fabric. It has a history that can be traced back to the ancient times when phulkari was actually a synonym for exquisite embroidery. Phulkari literally means floral craft. (Phul = flower and kari = craft or work)


  • Dimension: 210cm X 100cm
  • Made of: Faux Chiffon
  • Features:
    • Exquisitely designed Dupatta Base with Multi Color Embroidery.
    • This gorgeous dupatta is a visual treat, exalting lavish elegance.
    • Team up this dupatta with your outfits for timeless signature styles .
    • A perfect gift for women and girls. -It is also used for Marriage purpose